Palmetto Academic
Services, Inc.

Committed to providing quality educational and  outcomes  assessment services

About Palmetto Academic Consulting Services

After twenty-five years of teaching at a community college and more than a decade devoted to outcomes
assessment, I decided to focus my energies full-time to educational assessment.

I created Palmetto Academic Consulting Services in December 2010 to provide quality services to faculty and institutions around the world in the areas of assessment-based online learning resources and the development, training, and implementation of outcomes assessments and student learning outcomes.
Accountability in higher education manifests itself in student learning outcomes (SLOs). Documenting the degree to which students are proficient in identified competencies is the focal point for accreditation and funding.

However, it is important not to lose sight of what SLOs are really about - continuous improvement. Therefore, I assist faculty and institutions integrate SLOs at both the program and course level, and use the data collected to achieve successful deployment of the outcomes assessment process.

This includes appropriately leveraging technology in the collection and analysis of data, which is imperative in keeping the assessment process manageable for institutions.

Learning Resources:
In order to ensure quality assessment of student learning, I work with publishers to develop pedagogically sound assessment-based learning resources for students.

Having learning activities tagged to specific competencies and identifiable outcomes increase their usefulness to both faculty and students.