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 "Janice Stoudemire’s workshop on student learning outcomes was the best. Her use of examples and models provided valuable tools to effectively measure our student learning outcomes.  She is truly a maverick on student learning outcomes.”                             

             Dr. Anthony Negbenebor

              Gardner-Webb University

“Janice's workshops provided the foundation we needed to formalize our assessment process. With Janice's assistance and expertise, we now have a formal process in place to help us record, analyze and make necessary improvements. Thanks so much.”

                      Karen Stevenson             
       Nashville State Community College

"Be prepared to become fully engaged in a truly memorable learning experience. When you are finished with this session you will take away all of the 'hands on tools' to begin creating meaningful learning outcome assessment instruments that really work.”

                        Charles Beem
         Bucks County Community College

  • Need a keynote speaker?
  • Need an one-hour presentation?
  • Need a three-hour seminar or a two day workshop?
  • Need someone to facilitate the assessment process?
  • Need training for faculty?
  • Not sure what you need? 

 A variety of assessment-related services specifically tailored to meet the needs of faculty and institutions are available. Browse the list below for sample topics and suggested presentations and workshops.


  • Development of program mission, SLO goals, program level outcomes
  • Development of course level courses    
  • Alignment of program and course level outcomes
  • Student learning outcomes assessment plans
  • Bloom’s taxonomy and student learning outcomes
  • Development of curriculum and "assessment maps"
  • Development of program competencies and supporting course level performance measures
  • Basic overview and terminology of the outcomes assessment process
  • Development and use of assessment and grading rubrics
  • The ABC’s of the two-tier analysis of data
  • Closing the loop
  • How to write an effective student learning outcome
  • Communicating student learning results to your stakeholders (CHEA requirement)
  • Assessing general education competencies
  • Making student learning outcomes part of the institution’s culture
  • Direct versus indirect assessment
  • The triangulation of direct and indirect data
  • The role of faculty in assessing SLOs
  • What makes a successful SLO process?
  • The use of SLO and data facilitators
  • Development of assessment matrix and rubric to assessment degree of deployment of the assessment process and degree to which program outcomes are holistically are mastered by students
  • Benchmarking SLO data
  • Using existing online homework products to assist with assessment
  • The benefits of obtaining and maintaining specialized accreditation
  • Writing a clear and concise self-study
  • How to prepare for a site visit
  • What makes good evidence for student learning outcomes
  • Development of SLO forms and processes