Committed to providing quality academic consulting and outcomes assessment services.

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Lexington, SC 29072

I'm Janice Stoudemire, CPA, CGMA, ABA,  ATA, the founder  and president of Palmetto  Academic Consulting Services, Inc. I invite you to visit the website to learn more about what services I can provide for you and  your institution or organization. Palmetto Academic Consulting Services, Inc. is committed to providing excellent services in two areas of academic and educational consulting:

  1. Providing the support and training for faculty dealing with the day-to-day challenges in educational assessment and planning.
  2. Working with publishers in developing pedagogically sound, assessment-based learning resources.

My Mission:

To provide quality education consulting, develop learner-center assessment-based online learning resources, and outcomes assessment services to support for faculty dealing with the day-to-day challenges in teaching and educational assessment.

My Philosophy:

I believe the commitment to assess student learning to ensure continuous improvement is part of who you are and what you do as an educator. Therefore, faculty should embrace the student learning outcomes process. Because of my diverse background, my perspective of outcomes assessment is multifaceted.

First, I view assessment as a faculty member wanting to improve student learning and ultimately student success. Second, I view assessment through the eyes of an accreditation evaluator wanting to see documentation that a process has been deployed, learning has taken place, and changes have been made for improvement. Finally, in this era of accountability, I view assessment as a developer of assessment techniques and processes, striving to provide support and useful data to faculty and institutions.